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Breaking Bad - 4x07 Problem Dog

Problem Dog

Walt gambles on a risky new plan; Skyler's business venture hits a snag; Hank recruits Walter Jr. for an outing.


HerMajesty (Aug 19, 2014)

Hank being badass again, yeah!!!

gieltjegitaar (Feb 07, 2014)

This season isn't doing much for me. I guess the next episodes will be better based on the star ratings here but so far I found it quite boring even though the acting and directing have (as always) been superb. Very dull storylines imo.

vindalooo (Nov 29, 2012)

Too bad I cant understand spanish.

Novasquare0 (Sep 01, 2011)

It's so awesome that Hank is back to being HANK THE TANK :p

TimothyVdp (Aug 31, 2011)


HANKS GONNA HANK!!! awesome episode!

Retriev3r (Aug 30, 2011)

Inside Breaking Bad 4x07 "Problem Dog" <<-- only watch this if you already saw the full episode!

Next episode is gonna be bad ass ;)
Breaking Bad 4x08 - "Hermanos" Promo

Retriev3r (Aug 30, 2011)

That was the most unspectacularly episode so far, I give it 3/5 stars.
Turns out I was right with my assumption that I wrote about last episode.


Best performance in this episode: Jesse, his play at the anonymous meeting was terric.

The ending, well I wasn't a bang to me, more like a "that's it", this episode felt incredible short.
I was clear to me that Hank is putting Gus on the line, but I was quite suprised that Hank is even faking the case.
The lawyer Hank talked about, who asked him for his badge number was prob. Saul Goodman.

So I'm really excited about how the cartel is going to grab Walt and how the family is going to explain/escape this.

nametaken (Aug 29, 2011)

the end... just awesome

Diezel (Aug 29, 2011)

started slow, ended with a bang

curve (Aug 29, 2011)

omfg most awesome ep yet for me tbh.

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