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Marvel's Iron Fist - 1x13 Dragon Plays with Fire

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purefault (Apr 08, 2018)

Colleen was definitely my favorite and one of the few likeable characters. But despite a lot of mediocrity, I didn't think the show was all that bad. Definitely not great, though.

Leo111 (Jun 02, 2017)

pretty lame, to be honest.

TomF (Apr 23, 2017)

@Sandrosaurus Indeed, I agree. Looking forward to all of those shows, and I also hope Danny can redeem himself a bit in The Defenders. If not, I wouldn't care that much for a s2 to be honest. He just cannot carry a show like the other heroes.. Colleen and the Meachums were the interesting people in this one.

Sandrosaurus (Apr 22, 2017)

@TomF This year we will get 'The Defenders' (August) and 'The Punisher (Autumn). Next year we will get Jessica Jones 2 (Spring), Daredevil 3 (Summer) and Luke Cage 2 (Autumn). My guess is, or if I would be the decision maker than I would can Iron Fist (even if it has the most Netflix viewers from all of this Marvel Netflix shows, yes it's true). I would can IF just because of the quality...but I would still use him as a guest in the other shows and in possible defenders sequels. Also I hope 'The Punisher' is one contained bad-ass mini-series.

TomF (Apr 22, 2017)

Wow, Finn's acting and the writing got even worse in this episode. Such a shame, the quality of the show suffers so much from it.

ghettogun987 (Apr 09, 2017)

The show is pretty bad, some bad acting and really far from the comic book.

Dmpstrbaby (Mar 20, 2017)

... All the cliché.

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