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Matroesjka's - 1x01 Episode 1

Episode 1

Women Trafficker Ray Van Mechelen and his right hand Mark Camps are holding Auditions in Vilnius, Lithuania. They claim they are looking for dancers to tour top dancings in Belgium, Netherland and Germany. A local "Scout" has to earn the girls trust. Meanwhile in the Belgium city "Doel" 2 bodies from young Russian women were found. All tracks lead to Ray Van Mechelen's Gang. The police brought in Mike Simons for questioning (One of Van mechelen's accomplices), who offers to talk in return for protection. Inspector Clem Doesn't believe him. In Vilnius nicos (A Belgian Reporter) is trying to convince the girls not to accept Van Mechelen's Offer, but without luck. Kasandra, One of the candidates starts to think something is fishy when Van Mechelen tries to let her sign a Greek artist contract. She Contacts the local police, Her best friend Daria on the other hand wants to get out of Lithuania at any cost. She signs the contract and gives her passport to Mark Camps to keep it safe.


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  • Aired Jan 05, 2005
  • Episode 1x01
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