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Arrested Development - 1x02 Top Banana

Top Banana

Wanting to teach his son about responsibility, Michael puts George Michael in charge of the Bluth Frozen Banana Stand. However, George Michael decides to burn down the banana stand, which results in horrible financial consequences for the Bluth family. Meanwhile, Tobias auditions for a role in a commercial, but Lindsay inadvertently gets the part instead of Tobias.


phoenixreborn85 (Jul 19, 2013)

I completely forgot the comedian who played T-Bone was in this. This episode shows the show was starting to establish its themes.

furbul (Jun 15, 2012)

this is great! :D

HansPB (Jan 16, 2012)

RIP T-Bone

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  • Aired Nov 09, 2003
  • Episode 1x02
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