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Arrested Development - 3x01 The Cabin Show

The Cabin Show

Michael is back at the helm of the company and since all things seem to be going smoothly, he decides to take George Michael to the family cabin. But things take a bad turn when Michael decides to track down his father which leads him to Reno. Meanwhile, Lindsay, as well George Michael and Maeby (who are still dealing with their kiss), head out to find Tobias; G.O.B. attends an event that reunites abandoned sons with their father; and Lucille regresses back to her old self while dealing with Buster.


Dmpstrbaby (Jan 06, 2016)

God Micheal is not a good guy at all. He's just a complete asshole in denial!

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  • Aired Sep 19, 2005
  • Episode 3x01
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