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Six Feet Under - 5x12 Everyone's Waiting

Everyone's Waiting

The drama about a Los Angeles funeral home meets its maker after five compelling seasons. Three weeks ago, Nate Fisher Jr.'s death ended speculation about which of the show's major characters would die. But in the hands of creator Alan Ball, who wrote and directed this episode, you can bet the finale will be anything but anticlimactic. One issue certain to be resolved involves the health of Nate's unborn child, since tonight, Brenda goes into labor. While the last two seasons have been downbeat, the writing has remained original, the acting terrific. Like Nate, the series will be missed.


ghettogun987 (Aug 04, 2017)

perfect ending ever

Cameron16 (Oct 08, 2015)

Absolutely perfect. Definitely one of the top tier shows and this episode is the best I have ever seen.

Ambroos (Aug 27, 2015)

100 votes, a perfect 5. One truly incredible episode of an amazing show.

kenneththepage (May 08, 2015)

this episode keeps getting more and more viewer ratings and it just makes me really happy that it still hasn't lost that 5 :)

Necane (Feb 19, 2015)

I also think is the best season finale ever, and I have seen lots of shows. I have seen twice the last 10 minutes, just perfect ending. Meaningful and giving a closure for all the main characters.

Deckard (Nov 30, 2014)

Wonderful show and an amazing, heartbreaking, beautiful finale. I am so glad I watched this series. 5-star rating obviously!

allisonargent (Jul 18, 2014)

such a beautiful and poignant finish to the most touching and life changing show. this is the best ending i have ever seen and the show really deserved an end like this. cant believe its finished

acon (Jul 13, 2014)

Best series finale ever.

rorypondicus (Apr 06, 2014)

An amazing show an finale. Makes you think about life in a different way and helps you deal with death in a positive way. Thanks, HBO.

kenneththepage (Apr 06, 2014)

The ending was heart-wrenching and beautiful. Can't believe it's over. My favourite drama ever

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  • Aired Aug 22, 2005
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