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30 Rock

30 Rock

Lemon (Tina Fey) is the head writer for a frenetic television variety show in New York City, The Girlie Show. Liz is living every writer's dream until she's thrown off track when a new network president Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) begins to interfere with the show and has Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan), an unpredictable movie star, join the cast. Now, Liz has to manage the chaos and run a successful TV show so her dream can go on.

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1x01 Pilot
aired Oct 12, 2006


Eline (Dec 06, 2011)

30 Rock without Baldwin isn't 30 Rock anymore. He plays one of my favorite characters!

Jos (Nov 29, 2011)

Wait, what? 30 Rock without Baldwin? No. No. Veto. I refuse. NO!

@BertDenolf No matter how much I love Community, if you'd base a comedy both on laughs per minute and quality of jokes, 30 Rock slays Community. Easily.

kakature (Oct 16, 2011)

If Baldwin & Morgan leave, this show is done for.

ColeFrost (Aug 10, 2011)

Alec Baldwin wants to enter politics, but said he would make occasional appearances, after next season:

ColeFrost (Aug 02, 2011)

An article about how the show will probably continue on, even if Alec Baldwin leaves:

ColeFrost (Jun 30, 2011)

It looks like Tracy is in trouble again. He is taking even more flak for picking on crippled people and mentally retarded ones.

Seeing as how 30 Rock isn't coming back until midseason, this gives them even more time and possible grounds to fire him.

ColeFrost (Jun 12, 2011)

It wouldn't surprise me if Tracy Morgan gets written off.

It started this week with an anti-gay rant:

Then Tina Fey questioned it:

Now another co-star, Cheyenne Jackson, went after him:

This doesn't always kill careers, as some bounce back later on. The thing is, that whenever this happens, the person almost always gets written off the show they were on or will do less movies for a while (Depending on what their career is). Their careers bounce back eventually, but it does do damage. Look at Isaiah Washington, Mel Gibson, and Michael Richards as examples.

It takes time when you do damage to people or groups. The initial fallout is usually bad though. Some come back, some don't.

ColeFrost (May 18, 2011)

Renewed, but not coming back until mid season, since Tina Fey is pregnant.


I'm just filling in the blanks for other shows. I noticed that some shows had people looking at what the status for next year was and I wasn't here when some of the status changes happened. I'm just quickly filling in the remaining shows that I see.

kakature (Apr 22, 2011)

Season 5 is really good again imo.

Lokatius (Feb 09, 2011)

Still awesome! Sure it's kinda freaky, but awesome.

Lemon (Sep 30, 2010)

I seen the pilot but it weirded me out too much that they were calling the main character "Lemon" :p

Ether (Sep 30, 2010)

Anyone seen the first episode of season 5? Is it any good?
Not quite sure if I'm gonna keep following this one, so much other good comedies at the moment...

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