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Family Guy Season 14

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Pilling Them Softly
60 votes
14x01 Pilling Them Softly aired Sep 28, 2015

Stewie is diagnosed with ADD and prescribed Adderall, which Brian takes to write a 2000-page proposal to pitch to aut... read more

Papa Has a Rollin' Son
64 votes
14x02 Papa Has a Rollin' Son aired Oct 05, 2015

For Father’s Day, the guys track down Joe’s estranged father. But when Joe explains that his dad is intolerant of peo... read more

Guy Robot
53 votes
14x03 Guy Robot aired Oct 12, 2015

Stewie doesn’t like Brian’s stand-up comedy jokes, so the two of them fight. To get back at Brian and make him jealou... read more

Peternormal Activity
34 votes
14x04 Peternormal Activity aired Oct 26, 2015

The guys go to an abandoned asylum seeking inspiration for a new horror movie idea, but end up accidentally killing a... read more

Peter, Chris & Brian
45 votes
14x05 Peter, Chris & Brian aired Nov 09, 2015

Peter gets a check in the mail from the sale of his mother's home and he remembers that all of his old porn is still ... read more

Peter’s Sister
38 votes
14x06 Peter’s Sister aired Nov 16, 2015

Peter’s sister, Karen, decides to come for Thanksgiving and bullies Peter the same way Meg treats him. While Meg is a... read more

Hot Pocket-Dial
23 votes
14x07 Hot Pocket-Dial aired Nov 23, 2015

Quagmire admits that he is in love with Lois. Unfortunately, he proclaims his love while he has accidentally pocket-d... read more

Brokeback Swanson
37 votes
14x08 Brokeback Swanson aired Dec 07, 2015

When Joe is trampled in a local running of the bulls and becomes a quadriplegic, the guys find it too difficult to ha... read more

A Shot in the Dark
34 votes
14x09 A Shot in the Dark aired Dec 14, 2015

When Peter’s couch is stolen from his front lawn, the guys form a neighborhood watch group. While on duty, Peter sees... read more

Candy, Quahog Marshmallow
35 votes
14x10 Candy, Quahog Marshmallow aired Jan 04, 2016

Peter, Cleveland and Joe come across a VHS tape called “Winter/Summer” an Asian soap opera that Quagmire starred in w... read more

The Peanut Butter Kid
39 votes
14x11 The Peanut Butter Kid aired Jan 11, 2016

When their bank accounts begin to run dry, the Griffins look for ways to make money. Stewie gets cast in a peanut but... read more

Scammed Yankees
36 votes
14x12 Scammed Yankees aired Jan 18, 2016

Lois and her mom, Babs, have a relaxing spa day, leaving Peter to entertain Lois’ father, Carter. The boys fall for a... read more

An App A Day
32 votes
14x13 An App A Day aired Feb 15, 2016

Peter overloads his phone with apps. He buys a new phone with more memory, gives his old phone to Chris, and hilarity... read more

Underage Peter
36 votes
14x14 Underage Peter aired Feb 22, 2016

Mayor West raises the drinking age to 50. Because of dog years, Brian is the only one old enough to buy alcohol, so P... read more

A Lot Going On Upstairs
32 votes
14x15 A Lot Going On Upstairs aired Mar 07, 2016

When Stewie refuses to sleep in his own bed because of nightmares, Peter can’t stand it, so he goes to sleep in the a... read more

The Heartbreak Dog
30 votes
14x16 The Heartbreak Dog aired Mar 14, 2016

Meg begins working at a retirement community and starts stealing from the residents. Then Chris finds out and wants i... read more

Take a Letter
33 votes
14x17 Take a Letter aired Apr 18, 2016

To pay for Stewie’s private school, Lois becomes a postal worker. She finds a letter from Peter that was never sent t... read more

The New Adventures of Old Tom
30 votes
14x18 The New Adventures of Old Tom aired May 09, 2016

Peter gets lost in the mall overnight after his family abandons him. Meanwhile, Brian pretends to be a millionaire to... read more

Run, Chris, Run
32 votes
14x19 Run, Chris, Run aired May 16, 2016

To everyone’s surprise, Chris wins homecoming king. However, Meg finds out that the cool kids plan to prank him durin... read more

Road to India
35 votes
14x20 Road to India aired May 23, 2016

Brian falls in love with a tech support worker in India, so he and Stewie travel there to find her. Meanwhile, Joe in... read more


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