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5000 fried potatoes

By josbeir - May 30, 2011

Today is a great day for!, as you might have noticed we have finally reached our 5000th user . In order to celebrate this big event, we have decided to show you some of what we are currently working on:

Teaser image

In other news in the past few days we have been hard at work at adding episode summaries and images, more than 34000 episodes now have summaries. On that note we are looking for people willing to add episode summaries & images for national/shows.The summaries will need to be in english. If you are interested drop us a comment.


pies (Mar 15, 2012)

Anything new on the site? It's been almost a year since the last update :)

Antoniogra7 (Sep 18, 2011)

I hope you are working on a mobile version of the website or applications for smartphones as well. That's the only thing I miss in

josbeir (Sep 11, 2011)

don't worry guys, we're still working on it, and making good progress too.

walbert (Sep 04, 2011)

I´m wondering if the site is staying like it is now cause like this I start to miss MyEpisodes somehow...

Retriev3r (Jul 26, 2011)

It's been a while since your last blog post. I am wondering: what are you guys currently working on?

ThibaultDC (May 31, 2011)

Looks very promising. Keep up the good work!

StevieG (May 30, 2011)

followmytv simply the best to record your tv show history!

Freekje (May 30, 2011)

keep it up !