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Once Upon a Time - 1x01 Pilot


And they lived happily ever after... or so everyone was led to believe. Emma Swan knows how to take care of herself. She's a 28-year-old bail bondsperson who's been on her own ever since she was abandoned as a baby. But when Henry -- the son she gave up years ago -- finds her, everything changes. Henry is now 10 years old and in desperate need of Emma's help. He believes that Emma actually comes from an alternate world and is Snow White and Prince Charming's missing daughter. According to his book of fairytales, they sent her away to protect her from the Evil Queen's curse, which trapped the characters of fairytale world forever, frozen in time, and brought them into our modern world.

In the premiere episode, "Pilot," not believing a word of Henry's story, Emma brings him back to Storybrooke, but finds herself drawn to this unusual boy and his strange New England town. Concerned for him, she decides to stay for a while, but soon comes to suspect that Storybrooke is more than it seems. It's a place where magic has been forgotten, but is still powerfully close...where fairytale characters are alive, even though they don't remember who they once were, and where the Evil Queen, known as Regina, is now Henry's foster mother. The epic battle for the future of all worlds is beginning, and for good to win, Emma will have to accept her destiny and fight like hell.


ItZSpitzZ (Mar 05, 2013)

Liked the pilot more then I thought I would, until the last 1o minutes I thought I'll stick with Grimm but the ending was pretty cool, going to carry on for a bit.

flopaa (Jun 04, 2012)

i'm gonna give it a shot.

kakature (Oct 27, 2011)

Not bad. Pretty original. Too bad the kid sucks.

Is the mayor Snow White?


Guess not, she's the queen. Teacher is Snow White. And looks like Storybrooke is the place the queen was talking about when she said only she would have a happy ending, amirite?

furbul (Oct 26, 2011)

much better then i expected.

gieltjegitaar (Oct 25, 2011)

The actor playing the prince is terrible. Apart from that, pretty cool pilot!

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  • Aired Oct 24, 2011
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