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Community - 3x01 Biology 101

Biology 101

As the Greendale study group gathers in the library, they wonder whether they will see their old friend Pierce (Chevy Chase), who left the study group in a huff after last spring’s paintball game.

Jeff (Joel McHale) quickly butts heads with their new biology teacher Professor Kane (Michael K. Williams, "The Wire,") and is kicked out of class – leading to a crisis within the group about whether they will all stay together.

Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) is feeling empowered after a summer at "Dean Camp" but finds a new nemesis in Vice Dean Laybourne (John Goodman), dean of the highly regarded Air Conditioning Repair Annex at Greendale.


linker (Sep 23, 2011)

Good enough way to start a season loved the SHOW SPOILER

Inv (Sep 23, 2011)


curve (Sep 23, 2011)

Annie's assflash highpoint of the ep!

Jos (Sep 23, 2011)

2001 reference all the way.

ColeFrost (Sep 23, 2011)

Solid episode. Michael K. Williams was great, John Goodman should be fun this season, and they went all over with references. Picking on Doctor Who was probably my favorite one.

Dean Pelton: What is that?

Troy: It's probably the monkey that lives in the vents. I named him Annie's Boobs, after Annie's boobs.

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  • Aired Sep 22, 2011
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