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The Big Bang Theory - 5x02 The Infestation Hypothesis

The Infestation Hypothesis

Amy gets inadvertently caught in the middle of a fight between Sheldon and Penny. Leonard tries to add some spice to his long-distance relationship with Priya.


Milunka (Sep 27, 2011)

I liked the part where Penny chased away Sheldon with the red pillow from the sofa hahahaha.

linker (Sep 23, 2011)

I quite agree with ColeFrost, this one was much better than the season premiere, though I must say it kinda failed to be really funny for me.

ColeFrost (Sep 23, 2011)

Much better episode than the season premiere. Funny from start to finish.

My favorite part was when SHOW SPOILER

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  • Aired Sep 23, 2011
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