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Dexter - 6x10 Ricochet Rabbit

Ricochet Rabbit

Dexter tries to figure out the Doomsday Killers' next victim before it's too late; Debra has a strong reaction to a crime scene, which leads her to the realization that she leans too heavily on her brother.


kakature (Dec 11, 2011)

You should do it more often though, I'm tired of these overrated, hyped shows.

This episode was a joke for reasons already given.

curve (Dec 08, 2011)

I know I nail it, because I'm an avid show watcher and definately critic on what I see. I could do the same with EVERY episode of TWD, but I'm not going to, because I'd rather blow my brains out. Thanks for agreeing with me though oranges, because I know I can be harsh. I'm just not going to explain everything I hate about episodes ;)

oranges (Dec 07, 2011)

@curve You should do that more often! You nailed it :)

I didn't even realise that Dexters inner monologue had been changed so much but you're right. I agree with you on everything.

curve (Dec 07, 2011)

7. Clean that shit up? Hell no! Just call 911 and let them handle it. Make sure (as being dexter) to use your real phone number, because backtracing doesn't exist! As dexter you definately want to be linked with a setting with 2 murders and chemical waste!
8. Also linked to the changes they made with the voice in Dexters head. That scene where Quin is in his car wasted & sleeping they put some beer cans in the grass for the f retarded crowd we are. I mean it could happen, but the only reason they put some beer cans there is that we wouldn't have to think for ourselfs (Hey quin is wasted once again!). It's just not subtle anymore and they made dexter so f mainstream and it's killing the show for the die hard lovers (cough me).
9. Also the whole storyline of the labgeek doesn't "get me". So he's a little creepy and they will definately use him later on. Showing the hand in his appartment etc.. Whatever they'll do with him (serial killer, ackward, omg he's dead what a waste) it won't make me like the show more. He doesn't add to the show imo.

10. Just the overall story with the religion is not appealing and there haven't been enough episodes to justify that choice of story, because frankly Dexter has been all about killing people and this season we have seen what 2? guys dead? And please don't let me get back to the fuck gasstation girl to get gun to shoot signs!

Alright that's about it for today!

curve (Dec 07, 2011)

Alright I'll be a little more constructive for you guys. Things that blow my mind which aren't on par with the quality of this show. Mind you I'll start with the things that annoyed me, but I'd let it go because hey it's dexter!

1. Put his phone number in cell phone for Travis (no mentioning of prepaid throw away phone)
2. "Yo travis you take the front I'll take the back" go in church* and start prepping a room while you hear them both talking like 5 meters away from you. Normally Dexter would be quick & silent and went in and afterwards prep the room...Total f up.

Alright so that are some things that made me mad, but on to this episode.

1. The voice in his head is now TELLING us what happens or what might possibly have happened while it used to give him guidance. It does this to appeal to a larger audience who is too f retarded to understand the show. (eg. Dexter finds Gellar and goes on asking himself DID TRAVIS REALLY KILL ALL OF THEM?????" No shit sherlock)
2. Dexter gets locked up in the cellar. Oh wait fortunately there is a door to my left! Oh its locked...No it's not!
3. Travis "falling" right in front of the window to give his most "impressive" piece of acting lol so we & dexter see him talking to himself and crying about killing Gellar...really?
4. The whole interaction between the labgeek & dexter for his game. It was badly scripted and just didn't make sense in my opinion just because he said "harbor butcher!".
5. So we have a mistress and we want to send her flowers? Why not use our real name as the head of the police department, because hey if anyone finds out who gives a f right? Oh wait that's not enough. Lets use our real phone number aswell, because when you have a mistress you surely don't have a throw away phone -_-'.
6. So the decipel is on the ricochet in a hazard suit cleaning chemical waste or whatever. Ain't got no shit on dexter bro! Go in with tshirt & needle! boo yah!

oranges (Dec 06, 2011)

I thought this episode was better than the last, at least. I'm actually really enjoying the Deb scenes. She's a great character. She seems to be growing away from Dex a little, which is healthy for her and could lead to her discovering Dex or something. It's good.

Quinn is continuing to be a bit of a deadbeat, and that needs to be a continual thing for it to be real. There is development there, it's just taking as long as it needs to.

All the game dev scenes have been bad. The IP address line in the last episode(?) was so awful. Him talking to dex this episode was bad. So far he's still just 'that guy' who was introduced a few episodes ago - being pointless and wasting screentime. It could make more sense if we find out he's incredibly obsessed and also a killer or something. I look forward to the conclusion of his story, but I think it'll suck to the end. This guy just feels so temporary, like Jaime. We need her for convenience though.

There hasn't been any intense back and forth play with Baddies vs Dexter this season- which I totally miss - but it's allowed for pretty good stories for characters who arn't Dexter. The show has wanted these people to really matter since S2 and it hasn't worked. Now I feel it mostly is.

I still dislike the baddies this season (and the entire main arc, I suppose). The balance of Dex/baddies and other characters isn't quite there yet. The big reveal of 6x09 was really predictable and out of character for Travis and just really lame to me. It could totally be the actor ruining the part, I can't tell.

Overall I guess Dexter is changing a whole lot as a show. The main arc is boring and ridiculous and all the Deb, Dex, Batista, Quinn etc scenes hook me.

@curve What do you expect to gain from posting that? Is it just speaking from the top of your head or intentionally inflammatory? I'm interested to know why you didn't like this ep but simply abusing it is a waste of time.

@Retriev3r You too. What didn't you like?

Rosselini (Dec 06, 2011)

@curve why did you think it was bad? I mean, the whole Psych thing with Debra might not have been the greatest, nor was the whole video game scene but it was quite nice to see Travis face his passenger and deciding he's above him...

furbul (Dec 06, 2011)

So the halluciantion of Geller was telling Travis to kill people the whole time, but since the minute when Dexter found out about his death, he started to tell that killing is wrong? Lame.
Also, calling police by Dexter is very risky. Relly stupid move. If that won't bring any consequences, it'll be one of the biggest mistakes.
@Retriev3r Showtime ordered already two more seasons :)

Retriev3r (Dec 06, 2011)

@curve agreed! This episode made me almost hate Dexter (the show)
A new low-point of this season.
The only reason I'm watching this is because of the last 4-5 good seasons.
Now I am praying Dexter to end, so I don't have to watch no more shitty episodes.

curve (Dec 06, 2011)

what a shitload of crap this episode was.

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