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The Legend of Korra - 1x03 The Revelation

The Revelation

Mako and Bolin look for ways to get the thirty thousand yuans needed to stay in the pro-bending tournament. Bolin accepts work from the Triple Threat Triad and goes missing. Korra and Mako go on a search for Bolin and encounter the group of Equalist chi blockers who kidnapped him, but the Equalists flee. Korra and Mako then find out about an Equalist rally and decide to attend. There, they learn many secrets about the Equalists and their leader Amon, and rescue Bolin.


Jeffrywith1e (Jul 02, 2014)

Just re-watched this one. Freshly having finished Aang story, the familiar taking away the bending. Very cool.

gieltjegitaar (Oct 07, 2012)

The first episode didn't feel right for some reason but eps 2 & 3 were much better. Cool bad guy and fun references to The Last Airbender!

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  • Aired Apr 22, 2012
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