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Parks and Recreation - 4x22 Win, Lose, or Draw

Win, Lose, or Draw

It's election day in Pawnee, and Leslie and Bobby Newport are separated by a razor-thin margin. While everyone waits with Leslie for the race to be called, they ponder their futures, and their new opportunities.


JackAhrairah (Jul 10, 2015)

Astounding ending to an awesome season!
I love Season 4 and the election plot; I really enjoyed the way they managed to blend comedy and drama, laughs and strong emotions.
Definitely my favorite season thus far.

kenneththepage (Feb 28, 2015)

The election stuff is one of the best plots of the show. I'm amazed that so many people think otherwise. Season four is easily my favourite (but I adore all of them of course).

GanseyGirl (Feb 12, 2015)

@brobs same here.

meerareed (Sep 26, 2013)

I am so happy that Leslie won! The last few episodes of this were a little boring so I'm also glad that the election story is over like the other commenters because it focused on the serious side rather than the humour. There's only so much you can take of the same jokes about how the other candidate was stupid. Anyway, onto s5!

brobs (Oct 06, 2012)

why the fuck did i cry so much

kakature (May 25, 2012)

Yeah, very glad this election stuff is over. Season 4 was pretty bad because of it in my opinion.

If season 5 is of the same level, I'll stop watching this.

sw1ss (May 15, 2012)

@Laki I totally agree with you. I was just not a big fan of the whole elections story. They dragged it a little bit too long for my liking. But that is personal and in no way related to the rest of the show (a show which I really love btw, it think it is the best <30min show that is currently on air)

Laki (May 15, 2012)

@sw1ss @BlackDynamite I wasn't a big fan of the election storyline either but what I love about this show is that it's been propelling the story and character development since day one, there's simply no chance for it to get stale.

If you watch an episode from the first season, you will be amazed by how much the characters and their relationships have changed. And the election actually created a lot of new possibilities where the characters could go next.

Parks & Rec started out as an Office-inspired show but it's been done much better because we're not seeing the same old crap all the time. These days The Office is so desperate, it makes its characters act as complete morons to create stupid storylines. In Parks & Rec the characters are merely a part of the storyline, going with the flow and being themselves.

There are shows I love more than Parks & Rec, but it's still my go-to show because every episode is consistently funny and I know that the characters I've grown to like so much won't be discredited by the writers just for a joke's sake.

BlackDynamite (May 14, 2012)

@sw1ss Agree..

sw1ss (May 14, 2012)

I'm glad the election-part is over. Was not a really big fan of it.

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