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Chappelle's Show - 1x01 Black White Supremacist

Popcopy: Chappelle plays the manager in a Popcopy store training tape. The tape shows Popcopy's employees how to behave and essentially piss off the customers. Anyone who has ever been in one of these massive chain copy stores can relate.

Mitsubishi Jab: he show comes out swinging with a jab at that annoying pop-lockin' girl in the Mitsubishi ads. A look-alike is in the car with Chappelle. As she dances in the seat, Chappelle makes terrible faces, clearly annoyed at her dancing style.

Nat's Hollywood Christmas: Nat King Cole's rep is besmirched when Chappelle stands up for hip-hop's objectification of women.

Home Stenographer In this skit, you can order a home stenographer, an actual person to transcribe what exactly was said in conversations. There is also a travel stenographer that is mentioned at the end of skit.

Black KKK: Chappelle plays a blind white supremacist by the name of Clayton Bigsby. Clayton gets interviewed, thinking he is white based on what his foster caretakers have told him, and the world finds out the truth about this African-bashing, African-American author.


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  • Aired Jan 23, 2003
  • Episode 1x01
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