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Girls - 1x10 She Did

She Did

In the first-season finale, Jessa brings everyone together for a "mystery party," but other surprises are in store when Hannah misjudges Adam's commitment; Marnie tries her free-spirited side on for size; and Shoshanna's quirkiness impresses a suitor.


az25 (Jun 20, 2012)

@kakature I love those two characters the most, for exactly those reasons. Adam is such a typical indie stage actor, love it. I get the storyline, I actually know someone who did something similar, it's weird. I don't think I'll ever understand it, but it happens. It was a more than a little odd though. I wasn't expecting a wedding, that's for sure.

kakature (Jun 19, 2012)

I really like the show but Hannah is so selfish and naive sometimes. And Adam, God damn Adam. I really can't stand him. Thinks the world evolves around him.

I like all the rest of the characters though. And the fact a show makes me think about a character that much means it's probably a good show.

But for this episode: really, one talk with someone she hardly knows (last week) and she's married. The fuck, who wrote that? I really dislike that storyline. A bit of a disappointing finale in my opinion.

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  • Aired Jun 18, 2012
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