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Boardwalk Empire - 3x03 Bone for Tuna

Bone for Tuna

Disturbed by a recent nightmare and Billie’s absence, Nucky reluctantly joins Margaret to receive a high honor from the Church. Meanwhile, Gyp makes a deal with Nucky for a onetime liquor shipment, though the mobster’s longtime intentions remain very much up in the air. Van Alden regrets trying to socialize with his co-workers; Margaret takes her women’s-clinic pitch to a higher authority; Lucky and Meyer (Anatol Yusef) protect their investments; Richard sets the record straight with Mickey, and with Nucky.


Bonermaster (Oct 17, 2014)

Great episode!

justmike (Aug 25, 2013)

Bone for Tuna, gotta remember that one :)

kakature (Oct 05, 2012)

Only 4 stars for this? It pains me to see that Dexter-tripe getting far better scores.

curve (Oct 01, 2012)

Bone for tuna cracked me up. 5* just for that and +1 on Margaret

Foxhound (Oct 01, 2012)

Haha, "Bone for Tuna".
Nice to see Margaret get what she wanted from the hospital's chairman. It was about time she did something this season.

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  • Aired Oct 01, 2012
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