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Last Resort - 1x02 Blue on Blue

Blue on Blue

More than 20 warships close in on the Colorado; as Kendal is forced into a battle on the ground, Prosser questions Marcus' judgement


Invi (Oct 13, 2012)

so stupid!

justmike (Oct 12, 2012)

@az25 Agreed :)

az25 (Oct 09, 2012)

@tiagoh oh okay. i hope they do this with more new shows. some shows just don't need 22-24 ep seasons.

tiagoh (Oct 09, 2012)

@az25 as far as i know, this first season will have 13 episodes.

az25 (Oct 08, 2012)

This was much more in-depth and intriguing than the pilot. I wish this was made for cable rather than a network, I don't know wtf they'll do for 22 eps, but I have to totally disagree that this was worse than the pilot.

Funzleshpons (Oct 08, 2012)

I realy liked it. Pilot was way more 'flashier', but this one was really good too!

furbul (Oct 08, 2012)

much much worse than pilot.
i'm gonna give it just one more try with next episode.

sw1ss (Oct 06, 2012)

hmm, Pilot was better..

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  • Aired Oct 05, 2012
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