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Sword Art Online - 1x13 Edge of Hell's Abyss

Edge of Hell's Abyss

While fishing near a lake, Kirito encounters Nishida, who claimed that despite honing his fisherman skill, he is unable to create delicious dishes with it. Kirito then invites him to his home for Asuna to cook the fish he just caught for them. During their meal, Nishida mentions a huge fish he tried to catch many times but failed, thus he asks Kirito to help him. Soon after, Kirito recieves an message from Heathcliff, and upon meeting him, they learn that a scouting party was trapped and killed in the 75th level's boss room, thus a team of players from several guilds is being assembled to confront it.


Tallyshizzle (Oct 01, 2012)


gieltjegitaar (Sep 30, 2012)

The last five minutes were probably the best from the whole season!

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  • Aired Sep 29, 2012
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