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Les Revenants - 1x02 Simon

Camille's family, including her twin sister Léna – now four years older than her twin – attempt to deal with her reintegration into the family. Adèle, who has begun arrangements for her marriage with new partner Thomas, makes peace with what she believes to be visions of Simon, who has finally located her; he is arrested shortly afterwards for assaulting a café owner. The stabbing of Lucy raises eyebrows with the Gendarmerie when they realise it matches the modus operandi of a serial killer from seven years ago who was believed dead; bar owner Toni is considered a suspect, but he is shocked when he finds his brother Serge – the actual attacker – has reappeared. Meanwhile, dam engineers have noticed the water level in the reservoir has begun to drop unexpectedly.


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  • Aired Nov 26, 2012
  • Episode 1x02
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