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The Following - 1x04 Mad Love

Mad Love

Maggie devises a plot to put an end to Hardy. Meanwhile, tension rises as Paul reveals a secret that Jacob has been keeping from Emma and more information about Hardy and Claire's past relationship is revealed.


quinn (Feb 17, 2013)

Haha, so true..

miffy45 (Feb 16, 2013)

@quinn i feel you, tbh i really dont like bacon's character, i think he's too cliche (and thats saying a lot bc when it's done well i actually really like cliche, like, a lot)

and im kinda on the serial killer's side? sue me, it's the only way i can keep watching with kevin bacon's "i dont play well with others"-wounded-self-sacrificing-pretentious-douchebag in my face 50% of the episode

sometimes i actually forget during his scenes this is not a spoof show, and it's trying to be serious, sigh.

quinn (Feb 13, 2013)


"MUST. ESTABLISH. "I'm bad for everyone around me"-CHARACTER. No matter what!"
Writers.. *facepalm*

But aside from that I actually kinda liked this episode, although it was a bit slower-paced.

gieltjegitaar (Feb 12, 2013)

First boring ep imo

m4t4 (Feb 12, 2013)


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  • Aired Feb 12, 2013
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