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Karneval - 1x08 Silver Box

Silver Box

Circus goes to Rinoll, the ice crystal city. Hirato sends them a warm snowman, Yukkin, which was invented in the Research Tower. Back on the ship, the Circus council discusses Nai and Gareki's circumstances, Nai being an experimental specimen. They enter a vacation house to check up on it, when leaving, Yuukin becomes trapped in a hole and is found by strangers. Nai runs off to find Yuukin, and we learn that the strangers were enemies of Circus who were trying to hide evidence left in the vacation house. Nai, Yogi, and Gareki fall into the hole, which turns out to be man made and leads to the mansion. They find a small, moving box. Yuukin travels and finds Tsukumo, unaware of the enemies close by. They confront her, but the rest of the Circus group returns after bombing the surface with one of Gareki's devices. Tsukumo and Nai run away, while Yogi and Gareki continue to fight. However, the two men are blinded by the enemies' gadget, Yogi is knocked down. Strange thorns begin to circulate around Yogi's body and he begins to laugh manically while crying. His hair turns silver and surrounds the area with a snowstorm.


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  • Aired May 22, 2013
  • Episode 1x08
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