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Game of Thrones - 3x05 Kissed by Fire

Kissed by Fire

The Hound is judged by the gods; Jaime is judged; Jon proves himself; Robb is betrayed; Tyrion learns the cost of weddings.


tiagoh (May 01, 2013)

"This one was only the watcher. Hang him last so he can watch the others die."


BertDenolf (Apr 30, 2013)

Winter wasn't the only thing that was coming this episode

RexRobben (Apr 30, 2013)

@emieldonckels - See, had this conversation today - that's what makes this show great, most of the characters are grey, very few black and white characters... it's all about motivations.

emieldonckels (Apr 30, 2013)

@RexRobben still, all I can think about is: "that's that cunt that pushed a little boy out of a tower." Still say he's a prick who deserves having his hand chopped off.

GuillaumeVMaele (Apr 30, 2013)

Dayuummm, that sh*t good!

RexRobben (Apr 30, 2013)

@kakature - I agree, this was absolutely Jaime's episode, lots of character development here!

BertDenolf (Apr 29, 2013)


What Zelos said :)

kakature (Apr 29, 2013)

In the books, you can't see her smug face everytime :p

Zelos (Apr 29, 2013)

@kakature How can you not be? She's an amazingly-written character, who's utterly fascinating in her misled, egotistical delusions. She's part of the reason why I maintain that aFfC is criminally underrated, as her parts are incredibly compelling and thought-provoking in it.

Loccufier (Apr 29, 2013)

My jaw dropped twice in the last scene alone. The impact Shireen Baratheon has on the whole Stannis Baratheon storyline is immense. I'm curious as to know what happened to her.
And there is so much more.
I'm really excited about Robb's revelation as well!

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