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Game of Thrones - 3x06 The Climb

The Climb

Tywin plans strategic unions for the Lannisters. Melisandre pays a visit to the Riverlands. Robb weighs a compromise to repair his alliance with House Frey. Roose Bolton decides what to do with Jaime Lannister. Jon, Ygritte and the Wildlings face a daunting climb.


Solid (May 15, 2013)

@Fillias She also was in real life, kinda ironic really ;)

Fillias (May 14, 2013)

@Solid She is a whore after all. That may be a reason.

Solid (May 07, 2013)

Shay doesn't seem to mind it, a bit odd. I know she can't speak a word of the things she got going with tyrion, but not a single expression was given.

RexRobben (May 07, 2013)

@m4t4 - I think it was refreshing not to have to watch her this week, especially when we had so much of her in season two that was irrelevant.

m4t4 (May 07, 2013)

worst ep of the season. maybe its because i need my khaleesi dose...

az25 (May 06, 2013)

Littlefinger's speech was awesome, but my favourite line from that scene was this: "Thrwarting you has never been my primary ambition, I promise you.. although, who doesn't like to see their friends fail now and then?"

Frantic (May 06, 2013)

@Jakurdo aha, got it, thanks!

Jakurdo (May 06, 2013)

@Frantic He told her she was to marry him, I presume. She's sad because she thought she was to marry Loras (the man of her dreams) and now needs to marry the Imp instead. Littlefinger's ship was her way out of King's Landing, but she chose to stay to marry Loras and be whisked away to Highgarden.

Frantic (May 06, 2013)


hammunabdra815 (May 06, 2013)

Littlefinger's speech, so powerful

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