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Californication - 7x01 Levon


After his short-lived tour with Atticus, Hank is eager to reunite with the love of his life, but things with Karen don't go quite as planned. Charlie's performance anxiety leaves Marcy wondering what she's gotten herself back into. And Levon, a young reporter, looks to interview Hank for his college paper.


CrimsonLips (Nov 20, 2014)

I already don't like it. Geeez, Idk if I ever finish this shit

zvucnjak (Jul 04, 2014)

A son he never knew he had?? What is this, f***** Mexican soap opera?

Sandrosaurus (Apr 15, 2014)

@sparklebiscuit yes S7 was much better than S6, but S8 was a started well the first couple of episodes but from episode 6/7 forward until the end as Dex the hobo was BS.

sparklebiscuit (Apr 15, 2014)

@Sandrosaurus Personally I liked Dexter S8, the show got significantly better in S7 after that horrendous S6.

Sandrosaurus (Apr 15, 2014)

@sparklebiscuit it was a joke because everything is better than Dexter S8 even that notorious episode where that guy jumped that shark ;)

sparklebiscuit (Apr 14, 2014)

Dexter and Californication are ENTIRELY different shows? This episode was your regular Californication mediocrity. I do not like the idea of the son one bit, though. I'd rather spend the last season with characters that I like instead of watching annoying son drama.

Sandrosaurus (Apr 14, 2014)

3/5 First: It's better than Dexter: S8. Second: I thought the episode 'for a not final season' was okay, but nothing special. This is actually the last season's kinda a not so good episode than? No I kinda enjoyed it for what it was but...than came the end and I was...NO! FUCK NO! But again...I don't hate the maybe this season will be better than 5 and 6...Oh right he reminds me of Jonah Hill in a good way :p

CHR1S (Apr 14, 2014)

That was terrible. Didn't watch season six and I guess I'll skip this season as well.

Sandrosaurus (Jan 09, 2014)

@vindalooo nope this is the last californication

vindalooo (Apr 24, 2013)

Imo 2 more seasons, hope they can deliver...

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