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Doctor Who - 7x00 Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor

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Artifex (Aug 07, 2013)

Only know him from the pompei episode, but I'm sure he'll be great, although very different!

Baltimore (Aug 06, 2013)

@az25 Well, I only know him from skins, so I am not a judge about that. I'll just have to see how he pulls it off in the end, I can't be super-excited, but I am not bummed out either ;)

az25 (Aug 05, 2013)

@Baltimore I think the guy has range. If you've seen him in The Thick of It / In the Loop, this should get you super excited, imo. But, I believe he was also in one of the specials of Doctor Who, and also an episode of Black Mirror he was really good in.

Anyway, I love Peter Capaldi a lot, it's just a shame he won't be able to wax poetic with the word fuck hahaha.

Baltimore (Aug 05, 2013)

I don't know about that yet

CatacombxKitten (Aug 05, 2013)

Good choice, I'm sure Capaldi will make a great Doctor.

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  • Aired Aug 04, 2013
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