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Atlantis - 1x01 The Earth Bull

The Earth Bull

When Jason goes in search of his father he finds himself washed up on the shores of a mysterious land - a world of mythical creatures, soothsaying oracles and palaces so vast it is said they were built by giants: this is the city of Atlantis.

But it seems the newcomer has chosen the wrong time to arrive in the fabled realm and Jason soon finds himself at the mercy of a deadly ritual, from which there can be no escape...


Fairiestale (Oct 09, 2013)

@ile250 Anche questo nn è male! Mi è piaciuto.. e poi io adoro la storia e la mitologia +.+

MarinaB (Oct 02, 2013)

The first 5 minutes are so bad, hahaha! But this is kind of a replacement for BBC's Merlin, isn't? Because we have a pretty bad adaptation of Mythology, a protagonist who is destined to great deeds and an obvious gay vibe going on between him and his sidekick (which is the formula for the success on Tumblr).

The secret to like this show is: lower your expectations.

I'm totally on board. I need a sweet guilty pleasure anyway.

LizzieSiddal (Sep 29, 2013)

Hard to believe that this confusing mishmash of greek mythology is from the BBC. Basically it's just about characters , with randomly notorious names, caught up in a pretty childish script. And please ,why set the first 2 minutes in the contemporary era? was it a (very unsuccessful) attempt to make everything more percy-jackson-ish?
No matter how bad it is, i'll give it a chance anyway, 'cause it's still a period piece, i can't resist my guilty pleasure...

deake (Sep 29, 2013)

It has potential, i'll be waiting for next episode :)

killmotion (Sep 28, 2013)

Actually better than the trailer looks. Still a bit cheesy but off to a good start. And if you know how Merlin ended, it is to say without spoiling, the exact opposite of that.

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  • Aired Sep 28, 2013
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