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The Legend of Korra - 2x01 Rebel Spirit

Rebel Spirit

Team Avatar and Tenzin's family travel to the Southern Water Tribe to attend the Glacial Spirits Festival. While there, Korra's uncle, Unalaq, attempts to persuade Korra to let him advise her about the spirits, but both Korra's father and Tenzin assert that she needs to focus on her airbending. However, during the festival, Korra discovers that it was her father and Tenzin rather than Aang who kept her locked away, and after a Dark Spirit attacks, Korra breaks off her studies under Tenzin and takes up Unalaq as her instructor.


Artifex (Sep 16, 2013)

@gieltjegitaar I disagree! I was just about to say this episode felt like the series didn't have a year long break. It felt like I just watched the previous episode a week ago (And I didn't, it was one year ago).

They didn't ease into it though, you're right about that. But it didn't feel like a problem to me at all. Nothing confused me. (And normally my memory is pretty bad, so it's not just me I'm guessing)

gieltjegitaar (Sep 15, 2013)

I feel this episode made the same mistake that was made at the start of the first season: a pace that is too high for the viewer to take everything in. I often had no idea what was happening or why characters were doing what they did. Episode two was better but this show really needs to learn to slow things down once in a while. Also, let's hope they introduce a bad guy as cool as Amon. He was badass.

ICanAlmostSurf (Sep 15, 2013)

@Neyensb Haha, didn't realize that it was Aubrey Plaza. Hella funny. :D

Neyensb (Sep 15, 2013)

voice acting by: Aubrey Plaza and Lisa Edelstein :D

Sandrosaurus (Sep 14, 2013)

Setting the pieces...

Sandrosaurus (Sep 12, 2013)

The legend returns...

vindalooo (Aug 24, 2013)

Soon! : )

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