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Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 1x03 The Slump

The Slump

Jake has a slew of unsolved cases that he can't seem to close, and the other detectives don't want his losing streak to rub off on them. Meanwhile, Holt asks Amy to run lead on the Junior Policeman Program for at-risk youth, and she enlists Rosa and Gina's help. Also, Boyle helps Sergeant Jeffords with a special case he cannot solve


Sandrosaurus (Mar 13, 2014)


meerareed (Nov 09, 2013)

@az25 Yeah I am really enjoying it so far, she's the only thing I don't enjoy

az25 (Nov 09, 2013)

@meerareed This show is really funny, but yeah, she's cringe worthy, and not in a good way. I'm sure Chelsea Peretti is a funny girl, but she's not in this show.

meerareed (Nov 09, 2013)

Gina was kinda funny but is now just super cringey..

illlewis (Oct 06, 2013)

Oh, the show is definitely improving. Unlike Gina, she's still funny as trash can.
Despite her, i've had some good chuckles over that one.

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  • Aired Oct 02, 2013
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