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The Vampire Diaries - 5x08 Dead Man on Campus

Dead Man on Campus

At Whitmore College, Elena and Caroline decide it's time to throw a big party, but their plans are interrupted when Jesse suddenly needs Caroline's help. At Elena's request, Damon comes up with an effective method to get Wes to answer his questions. At the party, Elena finds that she and Aaron have a lot in common, and Caroline grows more concerned about Jesse. Meanwhile, Katherine does a favor for Matt and manages to get through to Stefan, who is still struggling to overcome the events of the summer. Finally, Bonnie does her best to cope with her new reality, and Damon makes a terrifying discovery about a secret society.


CrimsonLips (Aug 31, 2015)

Oh God, I forget that bitch Caroline was why I left this show 2 years ago -.- Her complaining came back... plzzz kill her already!
And tho I hate Stefan too, from like previous season, I would like to see him with Kath... it was very nice :)

Fucking seriously? So now there sth we don't know about Damon... which had to/had change him very much... out of the blue. God I hate how Plec is out of ideas after a season and does sth like that in the next one (new unkillable villains, new plot, etc etc etc) but now even not in half way through the season? -.- Disappoited as I can be after so much... tho it somehow can explain the blood thirsting of Damon... but, he most of the time wasn't all that powerful as he should be after all of this ... ehhhhh

Sandrosaurus (Nov 23, 2013)

Damon gets a wolverine backstory?

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  • Aired Nov 22, 2013
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