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Grey's Anatomy - 10x12 Get Up, Stand Up

Get Up, Stand Up

On the day of April's wedding, the Grey Sloan Memorial doctors are all preoccupied with their own drama. Meredith and Cristina continue to argue about their research and careers, Bailey comes clean to Ben about her feelings regarding him moving back to Seattle, and Shane puts himself in a risky situation. Meanwhile, Derek gets a phone call that will change his life.


CrimsonLips (Feb 18, 2014)

I hate new Shane but I was happy of Shane/Cristina... dissappointment ...
I have enough of Cristina from couple seasons already... she pisses me off and bore to death ;/
I... I... I am so sincerly sorry for Avery's girlfriend :O -.-

Ninakat (Jan 26, 2014)

Fight for your right

Baltimore (Dec 25, 2013)

WHAT THE FUCK. FUCK OFF AVERY, YOU DUMB SHIT BOY. FUCK OFF MEREDITH. FUCK OFF EVERYBODY. I miss Christina and Owen. The rest can fuckify-fucking die please.

WGenee (Dec 15, 2013)

@Clef Yeah I suppose that's true, but somehow I did fear it wouldn't happen anyway, just to hurt the viewers :P

Clef (Dec 15, 2013)

@WGenee I have to say, though, that I saw it coming. I mean, everybody wants Jackson and April together, and they couldn't give us another sad ending like Lexie's and Mark's.

WGenee (Dec 13, 2013)

Indeed, february is sooooo far away :(

Alex his facial expression to the SHOW SPOILER

Clef (Dec 13, 2013)

They just CAN'T leave us on hold until february! XD

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  • Aired Dec 13, 2013
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