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Community - 5x04 Cooperative Polygraphy

Cooperative Polygraphy

After Pierce Hawthorne’s unexpected passing, a team of investigators headed by the no-nonsense Mr. Stone, arrives at Greendale to submit the study group to lie detector tests before they can be considered for distributions under the will. Tensions mount as Mr. Stone digs in with the questions and the group members learn a little more about one another than they wished.


clowntable (Jan 27, 2014)

Gold, pure gold.

RexRobben (Jan 26, 2014)

Just a great, funny episode...

beckygalicha (Jan 21, 2014)

Such an amazing character wrap-up for Pierce. It's good that they did not just leave it at "He died" from the previous episode. Best episode this season so far.

StevieG (Jan 18, 2014)

Harmon is doing an amazing job for sure. Rating says enough...

Zantanimus (Jan 18, 2014)

Yet another well written bottle episode. Harmon is definitely bringing the life back into the show with the unique wit and handling of character development. While I'm sad to see Troy exit the show, it's being handled in such a way that truly excels and is dynamic for his character in the long run. With this decision, we could eventually see him if community is extended out that far (#sixseasonsandamovie), and he could be a completely different person with fewer tracers of the flanderization he adopted last season at the hands of the temp writers in the wake of Harmon's absence. All in all a great addition to what's been a solid season, with brighter hopes for the future in the show.

Sandrosaurus (Jan 17, 2014)

Great dialogue!

BertDenolf (Jan 17, 2014)

Wondeful episode!

furbul (Jan 17, 2014)

s01e22: Britta Perry - Proud owner, used iPod Nano, 2014

Did you notice? :)

kenneththepage (Jan 17, 2014)

incredible episode in every way. very fitting wrap-up for pierce and sadly for troy too almost :(

TotesMcGotes (Jan 17, 2014)

Donald nooo!

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