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Penny Dreadful - 1x01 Night Work

Night Work

In London in 1891, a mysterious woman approaches Wild West showman Ethan Chandler and contracts his services. Ethan soon discovers that the woman and her ally, Sir Malcolm Murray, are battling strange vampiric creatures that are all but beyond human ken.


CrimsonLips (May 28, 2015)

I waited to see this for a while... I finally did... Intriguing even tho I don't like Eva Green much

Baltimore (Jul 22, 2014)

Glad to give it a second go! Pretty amazing!

MarinaB (May 05, 2014)

Although I hate when people mix literature classics, this pilot is very strong and, well, Eva Green is in it. I loved the setting and pretty much the entire production, but I still think this can go south any time soon. Besides, I'm a little disappointed with The Creature, but I guess being faithful to Shelley's creation (or Stoker's or Wilde's) is not the point here. All in all, I really liked it, will give it a chance.

Sajina (May 01, 2014)

Exciting and intriguing, can't wait to see more.

CamilloVip (May 01, 2014)

How this show can be so amazing? It's... I can't find word for this... you need to see!!!

bongspot (Apr 30, 2014)


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  • Aired May 12, 2014
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