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The Walking Dead - 4x13 Alone


One group finds what may be an ideal shelter, while others realize protection is all around them.


Lenalee (Aug 28, 2014)

I really like this friendship between Daryl and Beth, it's great that he is a little bit more open about his feelings and thoughts because of her. I've never actually thought that the two of them could be friends but I'm not complaining.

weltfremd (Mar 26, 2014)

I absolutely love the Beth and Daryl parts. I could watch them talking and just being together for hours.

Artifex (Mar 20, 2014)

@Ambroos It's not different, that's what this show has been about the whole time. People don't seem to realise that. I really like it.

Ambroos (Mar 15, 2014)

I like these episodes a lot, although I can understand why some people don't. We've moved away from zombie killing badassery to more of an exploration of the characters, their stories and how they view the world now. It's different but still a good show.

Sandrosaurus (Mar 12, 2014)

@TomF you must admit this one was the most boringless of the boring ones ;)

TomF (Mar 11, 2014)

Nope, still boring imo. And next week doesn't look any different...

meerareed (Mar 10, 2014)

ohhhh goddddd

Sandrosaurus (Mar 10, 2014)

Finally a good one...

Mutse (Mar 10, 2014)

lol, only in America there are firedrains everywhere, even in the middle of nowhere.

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  • Aired Mar 10, 2014
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