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Supernatural - 9x16 Blade Runners

Blade Runners

Sam and Dean track down the missing Crowley and discover that he's now thoroughly addicted to human blood. Once they get him sober, the brothers go seeking the First Blade and find it in the possession of a former Man of Letters... who plans to add Dean to his collection.


Joeri6 (Jan 22, 2015)

@Janaaaa Janaaaaaa :D noxa niks?

Janaaaa (Jan 16, 2015)

Loved it! Crowley is becoming my favourite character!

CrimsonLips (Jul 22, 2014)

Love Dean+Crowley references :3

Sandrosaurus (Mar 19, 2014)

Liked almost everything about this episode, shame that the collector died...I should have kept him on the show, reminded me of the trickster!

Artifex (Mar 19, 2014)

Whahaha, Snooki as a crossroads demon, that's hilarious

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  • Aired Mar 19, 2014
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