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Game of Thrones - 4x03 Breaker of Chains

Breaker of Chains

Tyrion ponders his options. Tywin extends an olive branch. Sam realizes Castle Black isn’t safe, and Jon proposes a bold plan. The Hound teaches Arya the way things are. Dany chooses her champion.


egapega (Apr 30, 2014)

Good episode, I enjoyed it very much - except the terrible and revolting rape scene. Having read the books and growing to like Jaime very much, I was excited for his redemption arc. Why this now? In the books, the scene was disgusting (sex on your son's deathbed...yea, no thanks), but NOT RAPE. I can't like Jaime on the show anymore.. For now the rape hasn't been talked about by Cersei or Jaime, guess they're gonna pretend it didn't happen just like Dany/Drogo (vomit). UGH!
You can't say this wasn't rape. She said "no", "stop", "don't" at least a dozen times. Whoever truly believes this is not "rape rape" should be checked by a professional and kept under watch by the community. Sometimes I wonder wtf goes on in people's heads.

kakature (Apr 26, 2014)

'She had it coming', 'not raped raped', Jesus fucking Christ ...

Other than that scene I liked the episode, lots of interesting dialogues.

Sandrosaurus (Apr 22, 2014)

@heartofacloud I like your comment :)

Clef (Apr 22, 2014)

@heartofacloud Praise to you.

heartofacloud (Apr 22, 2014)

@Sandrosaurus There's a rather big thing in the books that would fit with your 'she had misfortune coming' and actually affects the characters and overall storyline unlike this rape that apparently no one on the production realised was rape (what is another issue).
The question here is less that rape happened in the middle ages, Dany has an argument with one of Drogo's blooriders over the rape of a girl if you recall, and more that this specific rape is unnecessary and doesn't fit the characters. Instead it's just turning a scene that was already disturbing into something made to maximise shock value regardless of how much sense it makes. And when the show already has an history of using violence against women to accomplish that, it becomes particularly worrisome.

meerareed (Apr 22, 2014)

@Sandrosaurus What has me starting the conversation got to do with anything? Misfortune is not the same as rape. It is a tv show set in a fantasy world. And the rape was not necessary. I am not replying to you anymore, please leave me alone.

Sandrosaurus (Apr 22, 2014)

@meerareed 1) you started this 2) She had misfortune coming... misfortune can be everything... + it's a tv show in a sort of middle ages...dark stuff happened.

meerareed (Apr 22, 2014)

@Sandrosaurus I am not lying. Your comment said that she had it coming and that the "chickens had come home to roost" aka she deserved it. As having it coming is the same thing as saying someone deserved it. I am getting very bored of this conversation

meerareed (Apr 22, 2014)

@Sandrosaurus You said she deserves to be rape. It didn't fit the world as in the books she was never raped. It was not necessary as the scene itself, him having sex with his sister on his son's alter, was enough to prove that he never had a redemption arc. The rape was not necessary and is never necessary to character development as violence against women is a very serious issue especially how it it portrayed on television, particularly sexual violence.

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