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True Blood - 7x02 I Found You

I Found You

A group of hostages seek liberation; Sookie and Jason visit a neighboring town in search of clues; Lettie Mae turns to Willa to channel her family past; Vince stirs up his fellow vigilantes; Pam searches for her maker.


CrimsonLips (Jul 09, 2014)

I enjoyed the ep :) And the Jason-Eric scene was sooo hot xD I can't imagine how they filmed it xD
BUT... Is Eric really gonna die?! T.T I was so happy when they've said he will be in this season but... he cannot die :(

nutman (Jul 04, 2014)

boring is the only word i can think of to describe this episode

nico23 (Jun 30, 2014)

Wow I not expected this to suck this bad.

Fairiestale (Jun 30, 2014)

@TomF Totally agree..

Sandrosaurus (Jun 30, 2014)

Better than the premiere BUT there are so many annoying things this seasons. 1) Kill all the humans, they are a big reasons why the first episodes are less than normal 2) Everything feels cheap for some reason 3) Good thing is that it is still a better final season than Dexter...

quinn (Jun 30, 2014)

I'm rooting for the Hep-V vampires.
Slaughter all those annoying characters and hillbillies, please.
Especially Tara's mother. Torture her, kill her, bring her back and do it all over again.


TomF (Jun 30, 2014)

For some reason this doesn't feel like True Blood anymore, at least to me... I just don't care about this season. Also, what was up with that opening scene? That was so pointless and unnecessary.

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