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Suits - 4x02 Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Harvey and Mike are on opposite sides of a takeover; Louis is partnered with a recent SEC defector in defending the firm.


norwasia (Sep 01, 2014)

Freaking love this series. c: clearly I'm not the only one :D

clowntable (Jul 01, 2014)

Was that a Firefly bluray/DVD? :D

nicolasmunera (Jun 22, 2014)

I don't know but i'm really loving this season. It's just my opinion though.

MrZNF (Jun 20, 2014)

This show is doing fine if you don't have expectations to see something with a story line like The Wire. It's just good fun to see the characters do whatever they are doing and getting some laughs from Donna, etc. If you are to critical you can probably talk down on every tv-show. Nothing is perfect.

Mayonaisepot (Jun 19, 2014)

This show is going downhill fast.

Thomly (Jun 19, 2014)

Louis is such a manchild.

TomF (Jun 19, 2014)

Does every episode need to start and end with a Mike/Rachel scene? These writers are so creative lately.

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  • Aired Jun 19, 2014
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