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Penny Dreadful - 1x07 Possession


Sir Malcolm, Ethan and Sembene do everything they can to save Vanessa.


CrimsonLips (May 29, 2015)


I love how this ep was beyond Eva Green rly... and it was about all of the main characters. Going into depth of Malcolms logic... whether he simply wants Vanessa to live just to exchange her for Mina? About Ethan and his story, about Victor and his want to start fighting, start refusing :) Marvelous... and it all brought them together. I always love possessions stories and those plots where all characters are in one place forced to show who they rly are :D

Baltimore (Jul 24, 2014)

This show is so fantastic, it's a pure cringeworthy joy :)))))

MarinaB (Jun 27, 2014)

Best episode so far!

I agree that Eva Green deserves a fucking Oscar, but I believe the episode is not only about her acting skills. It was a great episode for character development! We see more from Ethan's purpose in the series and more from Malcolm's true self. I really enjoyed this one.

The show still needs stability though. Some episodes are great, others... meh, not that much.

TomF (Jun 23, 2014)

Eva Green's a great actress, we know that by now... I feel like the writers feel the need to prove that to us every single week, because they're really writing too many episodes just to showcase her acting skills. I mean, come on, there's only one episode left, move the plot forward please...

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  • Aired Jun 23, 2014
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