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Days of our Lives - 1x01 Ep. #1

The first ever episode of Days of Our Lives opens with Julie and some of her friends entering Bartlett's department store. They slowly walk to a display case and take a fur out of the case. The shop has been the victim of robberies in the recent weeks and security wasn't taking any chances. As Julie and her friends are about to leave, security stops them... Hourglass opening Julie and her friends are in the police station being questioned. However instead of Julie giving her real last name (Olsen) she lies and says that her last name is Horton. Picture fades to a house number plate that reads "Dr. Thomas Horton." Inside Alice is looking over picture frames on the mantle, remembering all of her children. Her and Tom discuss that that the house has gotten much quieter since their children have moved out, much to Alice's dismay. Tom reminds her that they have much to look forward to...Marie's wedding to Tony Merritt. Cue for Marie and Tony's entrance along with Mickey. They go over plan


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  • Aired Nov 08, 1965
  • Episode 1x01
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