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Shameless - 5x03 The Two Lisas

The Two Lisas

Frank enlists Carl to scare off the lesbians. Debbie throws a wild party.


alois (Jun 15, 2015)

the deb storyline is so fucked up

nutman (Feb 09, 2015)

Deb is the most annoying character ever and doesn't even seem to be phased by raping someone...and then fiona seriously gets turned on from an acoustic guitar? is this even real right now? What happened to this show?

kakature (Feb 01, 2015)

This Frank/Sheila/Blondy daughter is getting so boring and ridiculous.

Strikje (Feb 01, 2015)

@illlewis Untill this ep I couldn't agree with you more, but that ending though.. It got my hopes up ! Hoping this will be the start of a new epic Shameless season !

illlewis (Jan 29, 2015)

now i see my problem with this season - it's all girly and soft.
oooh cool bearded dude played on guitar, oooh he so nice instead of that dude who invited Fiona for whatever the fuck reason is.
man, this season sucks deep like red gayboy.

VorpalSmilodon (Jan 28, 2015)

@Dukz Well, Debbie is criminally naive, and Lip is in the wrong almost constantly.

Dukz (Jan 27, 2015)

So now Debbie is a rapist... And Lip justified it... Wow... That's really low for both of them.

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  • Aired Jan 26, 2015
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