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Boardwalk Empire - 5x05 King of Norway

King of Norway

Chalky returns to Atlantic City with vengeance on his mind. Concerned about the ongoing threat from Luciano, Nucky arranges a meeting with Maranzano in New York. In Chicago, Eli's reunion with June takes an unexpected turn after a dinner party hosted by Van Alden and Sigrid. Capone looks to relocate his operation out of Chicago; Margaret completes a deal with Carolyn Rothstein; Nucky gets bad news from Cuba. In 1897, young Nucky looks to win over Mabel's father while asking for expanded responsibilities as deputy sheriff.


axelgarcia86 (Jan 06, 2015)

The Chicago bits were hilarious

Sandrosaurus (Oct 10, 2014)

This was some catch-22 weirdness in a good way :D

Solid (Oct 07, 2014)

Great episode. @goessaertN Indeed, the one now resembles the young boy and present Nucky very well.

goessaertN (Oct 06, 2014)

That young Nucky Thompson was such a good look a like, great casting

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  • Aired Oct 06, 2014
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