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Doctor Who (1963) - 1x26 The Keys of Marinus (6)

The Keys of Marinus (6)

The alien world of Marinus. Perfect peace has reigned here for decades due to the mind-controlling influence of a machine known as the Conscience. But now a race known as the Voord have developed an immunity and Arbitan, keeper of the machine, has been forced to scatter the vital control keys around the planet. Now he needs the help of the time travellers to get them back - it will be an extraordinary journey, with perils every step of the way...


Jos (Oct 19, 2013)

Fantastic serial that's lightyears ahead of the four that came before this. I know there was much improvisation because they didn't really have a script, but it manages to eliminate the biggest flaw the series had at this point: stories being drawn out for too long, and it being too slow for its own good. The faster pace and condensed storylines makes this by far the most enjoyable serial so far. I also love how easily Ian and Barbara can manage to carry two entire episodes without the doctor, significantly strengthening their role as a companion (too bad Susan remains to be little more than a plot-device).

Easily recommended over the previous serials for people who are trying to get into Classic Who. Lot of fun.

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  • Aired May 16, 1964
  • Episode 1x26
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