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Arrow - 3x23 My Name is Oliver Queen

My Name is Oliver Queen

Everyone's lives are in danger as Ra's al Ghul puts forth his final plan. Oliver/Al Sah-him must decide if he's strong enough to take on this new role and what it will mean for everyone on Team Arrow, and his soul.


Dragonlord (Aug 08, 2015)

I have to agree with every one of the comments below. I'm kind of surprised the series got renewed (not that I'm unhappy about this). I feel like, after this episode, it would've been better to do a spin-off for The Canary, Diggle, and Arsenal 2.0. That way they keep with Team Arrow, but it isn't actually ARROW anymore, since Ollie isn't Arrow anymore...Does that make sense?

Clef (May 25, 2015)

It was a very good episode, but it really felt like a series finale...

Woutr900 (May 18, 2015)

Felt like a good opportunity to let the series end

Mysotta (May 14, 2015)

I'm not sure how I feel about this, everything was so weird.

CrimsonLips (May 14, 2015)

I'm so proud of Oliver :3

Sandrosaurus (May 14, 2015)

So will Ray Palmer in DC's LoT will come from a different timeline or is he shrunken and escaped the explosion?

tiagoh (May 14, 2015)

Felt like a series finale, don't know if that's good or bad yet.

TomF (May 14, 2015)

This whole season has been so uneven and underwhelming for me...

rept (May 14, 2015)


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  • Aired May 14, 2015
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