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The Good Wife - 7x22 End

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KiraBeer (May 20, 2017)

Wtf kind og ending was that?! So disappointed

m4t4 (Feb 02, 2017)

poor alicia. not even at the end of the show can be happy
i think thats the idea. shes not done for it

CrimsonLips (Dec 03, 2016)

And he just fucking left?!?!!!!?!????!!!

It was lacking in so many things... Though, Will was amazing. I wanted more people... more characters we now in the last season and in the last episode. I thought it would be greater...

And I hate them all for such an ending for Alicia's journey !

Foaman (May 19, 2016)

Terrible ending to an incredibly amazing and entertaining show .. It will be missed deeply, but OMG that ending ruined everything.. It hurt my heart a LOT worse than the ending of lost

elisaconte (May 12, 2016)

beautiful moments with Will!!! but not a good end for this great show.

Clau93 (May 10, 2016)

I only gave 4 stars because of that slap at the end. I waited seven seasons for it, and it was worth it.

nico23 (May 09, 2016)

Fuck this shit. I get it to make cliffhangers and made up drama and sadniss part of a series so people want to watch the next season. But why the fuck make this crappy ending. Why this forced bad ending for nothing if the series is over anyway.

She should have go with Jason and give Peter the finger! This feels like it was not intended to end after this season, it feels like there was the intend to make up drama for season 8

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  • Aired May 09, 2016
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