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Bitten - 3x09 Shock the System

Shock the System

When Elena tries to comfort a grieving Sasha, they get lured into the woods and are taken prisoner by the Albino; Jeremy wages psychological warfare against his captor; Clay, Nick and Alexei race to save a new Alpha.


CrimsonLips (Jan 10, 2017)

Half a year without seeing the rest of the season and I completely forgot anyone else besides Jer, Nick and Clay from the pack. Not to mention I don't remember who the heck is the neck tattoo guy!

I just don't understand how Elena had her power to turn into a wolf at any minute in season 1 and now she couldn't think about that to track the Albino quicker? to kill him earlier? to release herself? It's so fucking stupid. And she had to be rescued to top that. We have a second of sth good then they're all killed and Elena had nothing to do with that. She hadn't got her kill... I'm furious... Tho, the uterus thing was so shocking I squeaked and thought about rewind the scene :O

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  • Aired Apr 09, 2016
  • Episode 3x09
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