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The Walking Dead - 7x16 The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

In the season finale, the stakes keep mounting higher and higher as different stories from the season clash while the group enacts an intricate plan.


jaythegreenling (Aug 28, 2017)

what an utterly predictable episode.
too bad the show makes no effort to stick a little closer to the comics. it's not a coincidence that the seasons which actually did that are the best ones...

yonzy (Jul 17, 2017)

kind of a sad episode. the shooting part was retarded tho. and how come the tiger knew who to attack, lol, thats one smart tiger.

TomF (Apr 19, 2017)

Ehh, at least the final 20 minutes were cool I guess.

Sandrosaurus (Apr 08, 2017)

@RexRobben Season 2 is still the worst season by far...season 7 is more on par with S3 and S4 in my opinion.

S1 > S5 = S6 > S4 = S7 > S3 > S2 (is my ranking)

nico23 (Apr 05, 2017)

Lol how what that a great edited episode? The Sasha part, yes, the rest not. How unrealistic and stupid this think looked like. Everyone shoots each other, but of course she just points a guy at Rick? Why because the writers decided to keep him alive. Then how everybody shoots at all sides this camera shots where ridiculously unrealistic. It looks like they just wildly shoot that air. And the Actors actually did. How he kills one with the stick, picks up the guy and just shoots at something ... lol. And of course everyone gets shot, the tiger was right behind Negan, all his buddys gets shot, total surprise attack. But nobody shoots Negan. Suddenly he is behind a car, suddenly he sits in car driving away showing them the finger. I was happy it came to a fight, even it looked totally unrealistic ... when the other group came I thought. "Wow cool they finally defeat Negan". then I realized the kept him alive. It was until I came here that I realized this was a season final. OMFG how crappy this is. They won a war to start a war. A entire season of struggle vs Negan and next season starting from scrach or what? Why not let them win, let him die, and start a new cool storyline. Like most series this is getting unoriginal.

RexRobben (Apr 04, 2017)

Bizarrely edited episode that was disappointing, ends probably the worst season of Walking Dead, which happened to add one of the series best characters, in Negan.

ghettogun987 (Apr 03, 2017)

was a greate episode, unlike the last season not much cliffhanger

Dukz (Apr 03, 2017)

For a second there I was worried they were going to end this season like the last - with Negan raising Lucille - so I'm glad they didn't even though SHOW SPOILER

Sandrosaurus (Apr 03, 2017)

Grieving season is over, war season has begun.

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  • Aired Apr 03, 2017
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