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The Walking Dead - 8x08 How It's Gotta Be

How It's Gotta Be

Every story and battle from the first half of the season comes crashing together in this action-packed, emotional mid-season finale.


TomF (Mar 11, 2018)

I feel like the entire first half could have been told in maybe two episodes? Also, what's up with all of these weird dramatic close-ups of their faces? So funny.

Sandrosaurus (Dec 11, 2017)

It's really time to end the show...I don't want the whisperers anymore...just kill Negan and end it.

Dukz (Dec 11, 2017)

I liked the episode, it had the suspense that several prior ones were missing and an interaction I had been waiting for. However that twist was utterly despicable due to the shady reasoning behind it from behind the scenes of the show. I'm endlessly sorry that Riggs was treated like this and I hope the show will lose viewers because of this so Gimple will truly know how badly he messed up.

tiagoh (Dec 11, 2017)

I want to say that I really liked this episode, but that wouldn't be totally true. It was obviously the best one since the season started, however there are so many bad decisions by the writers, not only in terms of plot but especially characterisation. Every single person in this show has been dumbed down since Negan's first appearance, I think the only one for whom that did not happen was Carl, SHOW SPOILER

This show keeps getting more frustrating with each episode, I keep watching it because, like mostly everyone else, I've invested too much time in it just to drop it now.

Dhaos (Dec 11, 2017)

that ep. was awesome, I kinda wished the earlier ep's were better..

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  • Aired Dec 11, 2017
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