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Senhime Zesshou Symphogear - 5x09 I am a Father

Just as Miku tries to resist Shem-Ha's control, Fudou uses the seal placed on Tsubasa by Millarc to have her turn against the others and bring Miku to him as part of his plan. Joining a raid of the Kazanari household, Maria clashes off against Tsubasa, managing to slap some sense into her and break the seal on her. Fudou attempts to shoot Tsubasa for disobeying him, only for Yatsuhiro to sacrifice himself protecting her. Meanwhile, Noble Red, who were betrayed by Fudou, attempt to steal Miku to use Shem-Ha's power for their own gain, only for Miku to cut them down and break free. Standing against Fudou, Tsubasa manages to get approval to us Amalgam to overpower him, but Genjurou steps in to prevent her from killing him. At the moment, a device activates on the Moon.


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  • Aired Aug 31, 2019
  • Episode 5x09
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